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Sunday, October 31, 2010


October 2010

Reviews and Excerpts

THE LOST HERO: The Heroes of Olympus, Book One by Rick Riordan
Jason has lost his memory, Piper is hiding a secret, and Leo likes to play with fire. These new demigods find themselves part of a new prophecy destined to bring utter destruction to the world --- unless they can change it. Oh, and Percy Jackson just happens to be missing. Reviewed by Benjamin Boche.
Rangers Will and Halt, and their knight friend Horace, have tracked Tennyson and his religious cult, The Outsiders, into the kingdom of Araluen. New dangers await, however, as Genovesan assassins hunt the three friends down and manage to fire off a deadly, poisonous arrow that will change their lives forever. Reviewed by Benjamin Boche.
FORGE by Laurie Halse Anderson
The Patriot Army was shaped by the desperate circumstances at Valley Forge, where Curzon the boy becomes Curzon the young man. But as an escaped slave passing for a freedman, Curzon must face the fear of discovery along with the hardships of being a soldier. And then there’s Isabel --- who’s there against her will. Can she and Curzon sort out the tangled threads of friendship and find the path to true freedom? Reviewed by Norah Piehl.
The Cahills will do whatever it takes to protect their family's most valuable --- and dangerous --- secrets. But now, after centuries of bloodshed and betrayal, the truth is about to be revealed. THE BLACK BOOK OF BURIED SECRETS uncovers everything you've ever wanted to know about the Cahill family, including the location of the branch strongholds, the truth about the fire that killed Gideon Cahill, and shocking information about Arthur Cahill's real identity. Reviewed by Chris Shanley-Dillman.
GUYS READ: FUNNY BUSINESS edited by Jon Scieszka
Humor is tough work, and GUYS READ: FUNNY BUSINESS guarantees to have you laughing your head off. With some of the best writers contributing hysterical stories, you won’t stop snickering as you flip through the pages. Get ready for adhesive bandages, diabolical turkeys, bloody warts, and so much more! Reviewed by Benjamin Boche.
Ansel is a mute boy whose master is a dragon-slayer. Brock has shining armor, and scars that prove his heroic stories. Ansel suspects there are no such things as dragons. So what is the man-eating monster that haunts the crags of Dragon Mountain? Reviewed by Norah Piehl.
FRAMED by Gordon Korman
Griffin Bing's new principal doesn't like him. And Griffin doesn't like the boot camp football atmosphere the new principal has brought. Griffin manages to stay out of trouble --- until a Super Bowl ring disappears from the school's display case, with Griffin's retainer left in its place. Griffin has been framed! Reviewed by Chris Shanley-Dillman.
JUDY MOODY, GIRL DETECTIVE written by Megan McDonald and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds
Judy's Moody’s latest adventure finds her hot on the trail of a suspected dog thief, inspired by her hero Nancy Drew. Can Judy and her team of sleuths piece together the clues to find Mr. Chips, police-puppy-in-training? Reviewed by Terry Miller Shannon.
When there are mysteries to be solved, the Red Blazer Girls are on the case! The discovery of the Ring of Rocamadour has secured the girls' reputation as Upper East Side super-sleuths. This time, they must follow a trail of cryptic clues, involving everything from logic to literature, to trace a rare violin gone missing. Reviewed by Chris Shanley-Dillman.
THE CURSE OF DEADMAN’S FOREST: Oracles of Delphi Keep, Book 2 by Victoria Laurie
It’s been almost a year since Ian and Theo discovered the box containing the ancient prophecy. In that time, they have come to accept their major roles in the ongoing battle for humankind against the evil underworld god, Demogorgon, and his four offspring. Now Ian and his team are preparing for their next magical portal trip to search for the third of seven gifted orphans. But all may be lost when a stranger shows up at the orphanage claiming to be Theo’s long-lost father. Reviewed by Chris Shanley-Dillman.
THE ADVENTURES OF NANNY PIGGINS written by R.A. Spratt and illustrated by Dan Santat
When stingy Mr. Green planted a Nanny Wantedsign on his front lawn for his three children, he had no idea his ad would be answered by a pig. With her insatiable urge to eat chocolate (and feed chocolate to everyone she loves), her high-flying spirit, and her unending sense of fun, Nanny Piggins takes Derrick, Samantha and Michael on a year of surprises, yummy treats, and adventures they'll never forget. Reviewed by Sarah Rachel Egelman.
TOBY AND THE SECRETS OF THE TREE by Timothee de Fombelle
In this sequel to TOBY ALONE, Toby Lolness returns from his banishment to the Grass People to fight against Leo Blue and the harm he’s inflicting upon the Tree. Toby must use the secrets of the tree to save Elisha, his long-lost love, and others from their potential destruction. Reviewed by Benjamin Boche.

Graphic Novels and Manga

AMULET, BOOK THREE: THE CLOUD SEARCHERS written and illustrated by Kazu Kibuishi
Emily, Navin and their crew of resistance fighters charter an airship and set off in search of Cielis, a mythical city believed to be located on an island high above the clouds. The mysterious Leon Redbeard is their guide, and there's a surprising new addition to the crew: the Elf King's son, Trellis. But is he an ally or an enemy? And will Emily ever be able to trust the voice of the Amulet? Reviewed by John Hogan.
FRAGGLE ROCK, Volume 1 by Heather White, Leigh Dragoon, Jeremy Love, Joanna Estep, Bryce P. Coleman and Neil Kleid
It's time to dance your cares away as Archaia and The Jim Henson Company invite you to return once again to Fraggle Rock! Join Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober and Red for a brand-new series of hilarious and heartfelt adventures written and drawn by some of the most imaginative creators in comics. Reviewed by Brigid Alverson.

Seasonal Feature

Halloween Roundup
Autumn is finally here! While you’ve been busy picking and carving pumpkins, choosing the creepiest Halloween costumes, and deciding which candy you want to devour, we at have been stirring up a witches’ brew of this season’s most spook-tacular stories. Look into our bubbling cauldron, and you’ll see tales of howling ghosts, sinister schools, haunted houses, and even vampires! We hope you enjoy drinking up all of our spine-tingling suggestions (with the lights on, of course). » Click Here

Special Features

As mysterious circumstances bring three children together, their lives soon interlock, like the turning gears of a clock, and they realize that each one holds the key to the others’ puzzles. The trio’s adventures sweep them through the winding alleyways, and glittering plazas of their city, and along the way Giuseppe, Hannah and Frederick must learn to trust in one another --- and themselves --- for they risk losing the things they hold most dear, as the dangers they face quickly become all too real.

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GIRL’S BEST FRIEND: A Maggie Brooklyn Mystery, by Leslie Margolis
Dogs are disappearing in her neighborhood, and Maggie Brooklyn Sinclair knows all about it. After all, she has a semi-secret after-school gig as a professional (ok, amateur) dog-walker. Maggie hates to see a pup in trouble, so she’s even willing to help her ex-best friend Ivy recover her rescue-dog, Kermit. Kermit is being held for ransom, and Maggie has noticed some suspicious behavior lately. But she never suspected her crush Milo could be involved…

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GHOUL STRIKE! by Andrew Newbound
Through a dank, rank portal in Pittingham Manor, icky demonic hordes from the Dark Dimension are pouring out, infesting planet Earth --- the halfway point to their planned attack on High. Into this foul maelstrom stumble ghost-busting psychic Alannah --- she’s got the gift for blasting ghouls to goo --- and her “business partner” Wortley --- a burglar who’s never met a lock he couldn’t pick.

Before the ghoul invasion, Alannah and Wortley only bounty-hunted tame, treasure-hoarding beasties, robbing them of their purloined booty. But now, allied with heavenly, silver-haired Officer Flhi and rookies Yell and Gloom of the A.N.G.E.L. police squad, they’re tangling with true evil. The strike is on to save the human race!

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“Why take chances?” asks 11-year-old Tess Brooks. “Especially when it’s so easy to let the universe know what you want by touching blue or turning around three times or crossing your fingers.”

But Tess is coming to know that it’s not always that simple. The state of Maine plans to shut down her island’s schoolhouse, which would force Tess’s family to move to the mainland --- and Tess to leave the only home she has ever known. Fortunately, the islanders have a plan, too: increase the number of students by having several families take in foster children. So now Tess and her family are taking a chance on Aaron, a 13-year-old trumpet player who has been bounced from home to home. And Tess needs a plan of her own --- and all the luck she can muster. Will Tess’s wish come true, or will her luck run out?

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» Visit Cynthia Lord’s official website,

Books into Movies

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1
The moment you’ve been waiting for is almost here. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 hits the big screen on November 19th, so grab your wizarding gear and take a trip to your local movie theater, where you’ll enter a magical world of harrowing journeys, never-before-seen spells and hair-raising excitement.

Based on the seventh installment of J.K. Rowling’s beloved series, this is the first of two riveting, full-length features (Part 2 releases on July 15, 2011) that will follow Harry and his friends as they try to outsmart the Death Eaters and put a stop to the Dark Lord’s evil doings once and for all. Now that Dumbledore is gone, Voldemort’s henchmen have taken over Hogwarts and seized control of the Ministry of Magic, making Harry’s hunt for Horcruxes more dangerous than ever before. And to make matters worse, he’s slowly starting to realize that his future might already have been decided.

Does Harry have the strength to survive long enough so that he can prepare to face Voldemort in what is sure to be their final battle? Unless you’ve mastered the art of Divination since the release ofHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, you’ll have to see the movie to find out.

» Click here for more details about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1.

Cool New Books

October’s roundup of Cool New Books includes LOST HERO, the first of several highly anticipated follow-up books to Rick Riordan’s bestselling, blockbuster-inspiring saga, Percy Jackson & the Olympians; HALT’S PERIL, the ninth installment in John Flanagan’sRanger’s Apprentice series, which continues to follow Halt, Will and Horace as they try to track down a band of vicious, thieving outlaws; FORGE by Laurie Halse Anderson, the page-turning sequel to CHAINS that tells of a young slave’s struggle to survive the American Revolution --- and somehow forge a path to freedom; THE BLACK BOOK OF BURIED SECRETS, a bonus book in the 39 Clues series that uncovers everything you've ever wanted to know about the Cahill family; 13 WORDS, Lemony Snicket’s latest boundary-breaking picture book; and FANCY NANCY AND THE FABULOUS FASHION BOUTIQUE by Jane O’Connor, which finds fashionista Fancy Nancy struggling to save her sister’s birthday party. » Click Here

New in Paperback

October’s roundup of New in Paperback titles includes THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY AND THE PRISONER’S DILEMMA, the third installment in Trenton Lee Stewart’s mind-bending mystery series; FRIEND OR FIEND? WITH THE PAIN & THE GREAT ONE, the fourth book in a quartet of hilariously funny sibling rivalry stories by the dynamic author-illustrator duo of Judy Blume and James Stevenson; John Hulme and Michael Wexler’s THE LOST TRAIN OF THOUGHT, which follows The Seems series hero Becker Drane as he tries to track down a trainload of missing thoughts; and A SEASON OF GIFTS, a continuation of Richard Peck’s riveting saga of the clever, capable and downright amazing Grandma Dowdel. » Click Here

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